hi zoro now answer this question truthfully say in 10 years luffy marries a pickle and that pickle hooks u up with a orange u and the orange get married and have 10 kid now what would u name them??? (i already named 1 of them and her name is Sanji.Jr). fell free to show this to Sanji bye bye Mr.zoro ur awesome :D

Truthfully I don’t think I can fertilize an orange, I’d rather just eat it anyways.

ramafuzzy replied to your photo

I asked that so long ago omg

I know. All these questions are old I’m just in the drawing mood now.

Is Anthony Grover gonna feel freaked out by my candy gram tomorrow

Listen I know you asked this a while ago but I’m no good at school romance. If Anthony Grover didn’t appreciate the candy you could always give it to Chopper because I guarantee he’ll appreciate it.

I just begin to follow this blog and you decide to go on a break?! Where's the fairness in that?

hey now the last post on my blog was 2 months ago. you have nobody to blame here but yourself.

directing people to the faq? do you know how to get there?

Cute. Real clever.

I demand you to confron Cloud, Squall and Sora (and any other Keyblade wielder you stumble with) in an epic battle, if you can take them all at the same time, do it

What the hell is a keyblade?

Sure you can use swords, but can you say funny and random things while using them? Oh and hi audience and i bet you cant break the fourth wall!

Why would I even want to do that? Why would I want to emulate the Dane Cook of comic characters?